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Nimble Business Solutions specialises in transforming your ideas and goals into actionable strategies and plans.  We help you solve business problems, increase revenue and target new opportunities. 
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Let's make strategy and planning easy

The ability to adapt and evolve – to be nimble – is a key driver of business success.

Too many consultants and “experts” promote their strategy and planning skills as some sort of mystic art.  They talk about “strategic thinking” or their “strategic mindset” as if it was some sort of black box that only they can decode and interpret.  That’s mostly BS.

Strategy, planning and problem solving doesn’t need to be complex.  It requires time and focus, and there’s tools that can help you understand the situation and the issues… but everyone can do it.

Nimble Business Solutions works with you to help build and articulate your strategies and plans, assist you to understand and solve problems, prioritise your initiatives, and secure new opportunities.  When we help you, we provide tools and help you to develop your skills and capabilities along the way.  We want to work with you and help you achieve success now and in the future.


We provide expertise to help your business compete and grow

We specialise in transforming your thoughts and ideas into actionable strategies and plans so you can get on with engaging your customers and growing your business!  We can help you to develop focused actions and make implementation part of your ongoing operations. 

We have a strong focus on execution and our approach is flexible and collaborative, so feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help.

Our services and support includes:

  • Strategy development and facilitation

  • Business planning

  • Sales enablement

  • Financial analysis and projections

  • Marketing and social media

  • Business performance review

  • Market and competitive analysis

  • Growth and opportunity analysis

  • Organisational design

  • Pitch and presentation development

  • Start-up design and development

You can also find some free helpful tools and templates in our “Tools” page.


We help SMEs develop better strategies, build capability and implement successfully

Anthony David Cooper

Managing Director
m 0427 866 761

Anthony has over 20 years’ experience in general management, strategy development, business planning and operations.  His experience spans financial services, retail, entertainment and health.  He has worked with intimate start-ups and local retailers, small businesses ramping up for growth, national players, franchise operations and global conglomerates.

Anthony works with managers, founders and their teams to understand current operations, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, and to craft strategies and plans focused on driving growth and improvement.  He is an expert facilitator who leverages contemporary strategy tools to improve understanding and encourage open conversations. 

Academically, Anthony holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing) and an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) from the Australian Graduate School of Management.

Out of the office, Anthony spends time with his partner and three children, and when time permits, he enjoys live music, reading, oztag and the occasional quiet beer with family and friends.

Our values

  1. Integrity and honesty. We value partnerships and friendships.  Integrity and honesty are core building blocks for any successful long-term relationship.  You can trust us to communicate openly and tell things as they are.

  2.  Value every customer.  We respect everyone we meet and celebrate diversity in all shapes and forms.  Everyone travels their own journey through life, with their own joys, trials and rollercoasters.  Everyone is valuable.

  3. Focus on solutions.  We always aim to find solutions that work for all parties.  Firstly (& against “conventional wisdom”) we focus on the problem – because we really want to understand the core issues so we can solve them!  We like finding those solutions together.

  4. Keep it simple.  We believe in the beauty of simplicity.  We take complex problems and break them down into issues we can tackle.  We make our products and documents easy to understand so people don’t need a law degree or an interpreter.

  5. Pay it forward.  We look to the future and help others to achieve their goals and dreams. 


Our business planning tools are free!

The tools below are free to download and use. 

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GROW NOW Business Planning Manual

Our GROW NOW model is a simple process to make business planning easy.  You can download it completely obligation free!

Nimble Business Plan Template (.docx)

Our Business Plan template is a simple word document that you can download for free and use to create your own plan.


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We’re based in Sydney, but we’re happy to engage clients across Australia, New Zealand and the Asia-Pacific region.  We love meeting our clients face-to-face, but we’re happy to complete engagements via telephone and Zoom calls when required.

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